Friday, April 27, 2012

Les Baux-de-Provence

Through the backstreets of Baux-en-Provence Old door knocker in Baux-de-Provence

To wander aimlessly through the backstreets of Baux-en-Provence, to stop a moment before a door that bears witness to the passage of time.

Small mountains the Alpilles, Les Baux-de-Provence View of Baux-de-Provence

To admire the winter light that falls on the aged stonework. To lose oneself in the familiar landscape with its’ backdrop of small mountains, the Alpilles.

Old door in Baux-de-Provence Coat by Ti Mo and scarf Rose Métal

Details of my outfit of the day :
Coat "by Ti Mo", dress "Ewa i Walla", scarf "Rose Métal".

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Ainosofia said...


Shabby soul said...

I've been there some year ago during Easter's holidays. I'll never forget how lovely place!
Thank you for make me remember

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I really adore your coat and scarf. Very nice!

Ann-tikt & Sånt said...

Love your pictures!
Hugs from Sweden

kitchen faucets said...

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salige lavendel said...

Beautiful pictures!! This really looks like a wonderful place.



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