Wednesday, February 20, 2013

# e-magDECO : « The Bricourt Houses »

The Bricourt Houses of Jane and Olivier Roellinger, a report of the magazine of decoration 'e-magDECO'
Overhanging the Mont-Saint Michel bay is the ‘Richeux castle’; a little further, in Cancale, the cottage "Les Rimains" with their "Gîtes Marins" (seaside guest-houses), the House of Spices and the "Vanilla Grain". « The Bricourt Houses » are comprised of such a variety of abodes; all offered by Jane and Oliver Roellinger... a taste of happiness.

This is a report of the magazine e-magDECO.

Original article "# e-magDECO : « Les Maisons de Bricourt »"

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