Friday, March 8, 2013

Eat a cake

Having admired for as long as I can remember and often hoped to retrieve during my search for antique objects, it is here on a Saturday at the flea market of Sommières that I discover a batch of former brass letters from a sign.

To begin with, surprised by the quantity of letters and their different sizes, I’m then curious to see which words I can create.
I hastily ask their price which proves to be more than reasonable... a bargain!
I take each letter one by one, searching for words... and then finally I choose to write the words "cake" and "eat" that I can already imagine attached to the wall or placed on a shelf in the kitchen.

It is immediately, on arrival at home, that I show this find to my family and it is finally Philippe who has the idea to join the two words together with an "a" chosen out of a selection of small letters that I had also retrieved.

A quick clean and the same afternoon, "Eat a Cake" is attached to the wall of the kitchen, above the stove that is also partly ornamented with brass.
I hesitated a long while, thinking of how to adorn this empty wall and then, at this very moment, it seemed obvious. It is at moments like these that I say to myself that retrieving antique or used objects still brings to me the same amount of joy and satisfaction.

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3 commentaires:

La Table De Nana said...

Quelle chance:)

Unknown said...

Oh, it is perfect...the letters are so lovely and the arrangement is too!

decorator to the stars said...

c'est magnifique :) luv it



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