Saturday, June 2, 2007

Welcome to all of you

Linen heart Jardin d'Ulysse
I have felt like sharing my passion with you while observing, visiting and admiring your blogs…

Sharing a common passion for decoration, nature and others.

I have modelled myself on you and I hope you’ll accept me!

I’d like to bring you my accent and the colours of my region : Provence (South of France).

Linen heart and branche of olive tree Antique dress

Welcome to “A Heart in Provence”.

Original article "Bienvenue à toutes et à tous" translated byTranslated by Isabelle


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19 commentaires:

Catharina Maria said...

Your blog is so beautiful ,I 'll visit you as much as a can .
I have a link on my site and i can read new posts
My English is very bad sorry for that
Love Rini the Netherlands

Gunhild said...

I guess this is the closest I get to Provence at least for this year and maybe the next... your blog is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.
I have never been to Provence, but I have a plan to walk in a lavenderfield and celebrate my 30th birthday :D
I hope I can use some of your pictures to introduce your blog on my blog. Wishing you a peaceful sunday and all the best! Love from "Lavendelheimen" (Lavenderhome), Norway.

Unknown said...

wow, what a beautiful and inspiring site you have maid, i anvy you a little bit for living in such a beautifull country, i hope to see more of your world on your blog

sandra from holland

Cyndee Greene said...

I love everything I see here..
It is absolutely inspiring!
How do I follow your blog?

Philippe Rissetto said...

Thank you for your visit and comment in A Heart in Provence, I'm very happy.
You follow my blog with your list of blog : it's updated ;-)
Best wishes.

Vica said...

Hi. Such a lovely blog! I have found it while I was searching for a "vintage sewing mannequin" and I found yours, which is beautiful.
I definitely put your link in my blog list :)
I would like very much to visit that part of France one day... but with through your lovely blog I will do it every day. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Sydney Australia.. I stumbled upon your wonderful blog.. but now would love to spend more time daily with your inspiration.. Well done Laeriss... please keep on blogging.. and add me to your list.. thanks Jean W

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I must come over to visit now that I have discovered you! Thank you for all the inspiration you bestow!


Siggie said...

Hi Laeriss,
What a lovely blog you have! I just discovered it. France is one of my favorite places to visit, especially the countryside and the small villages. I liked that the churches are always open and welcome anyone to come in and cool off, say a prayer and light a candle. That isn't always the case here in Germany.

The Hardy Quilters said...

I have just discovered your beautiful pages. So evocative, I can almost smell the atmosphere. France is the land of my heart. I was in the South last year and hope to be back soon.

Catherine said...

Vraiment magnifique. Merci pour ce voyage en provence, ça fait rêver. Les mots me manquent pour être à la hauteur de l'ambiance qu'on ressent à travers les photos. Merci merci merci mille fois :-*

Gro said...

So lovely blog - i love it. I'll connect a link tho my blog
Big hug from Gro, Norway

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Love your blog and will be telling all my readers about you and the lovely colors and flowers they can see here.
Keep blogging!
Your friend, Sarah (California, USA)

leloop said...

Thanks for your visit.
I didn't answer earlier because I have big family problems, my father is very ill ...
I'm coming to you quite often because I like atmosphere of your blog and beautiful photos :)
Leloop from

Unknown said...

Hai un blog bellissimo, piu bello di tutti.
Saluti ed auguri da Croazia Zadar.
Silvijana Drazovic

Nouveau Stitch said...

Oh my! I will be visiting Provence at the end of September. Your blog has given me lots of glimpses into what I can expect. I can hardly wait to arrive!


claudia b said...

Beautiful blog - I will add you to my blogroll, thank you!

Jacqui said...

Your blog becomes lovlier each time I log on. Thank you for sharing such beauty

Hen-Cin’s KuhnsCoop said...

I would like to share with you how I came across your blog . I once met a lady from Provence , who was living in Missoula , Montana USA . I by chance walked past her homeas I was on a visit to her town ... she had very lovely flowers and watering cans that she had a collection of . She noticed me looking and invited me onto her porch for talk and tea . She spoke with accent and told me of her home in Provence , her collections and was dressed very lovely with hat and dress . Her manners were that of the best and when I left there that day 1hr later , I felt I had stepped back in time for it was not that of how most neighbors of the USA would be . She left a forever impression on myself and my daughter inlaw who was with me . I wish I had a picture of her lovely home with her sitting on her porch . But I had no camera with me ..but she will forever be a vision in my memories of that day . Which brought me to a blog search of the word " Provence " that took me to your blog a year ago . I have been reading yours ever since. Your are the only one who is even close to that lady in Montana from Provence and I so much enjoy your readings and have learned so much from you and your life there . We in America have wish lists called a bucket list . It it things we'd like to do someday before we die . Provence is on my bucket list . And if it don't happen . You have helped my longings to be surpassed . Thank you !



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