Sunday, August 5, 2007

A bath in shades

The softness of having a bath in black and white shades.
A flight tin butterflies and paper hearts in a Médicis vase.

China and tin.
The freshness of a black and white bath on a cement-tiled carpet.
Quiet and restful.

The candelabras I have put on an old shelf was found at “Cocktail Scandinave”.
They add something to this beautiful and poetic atmosphere.
The dirty linen basket “Athezza” is decorated with a heart made of mattress canvas.

The Teddy bear “Maison du Monde” is having a rest on a shelf.

A Pichon ceramic star and my heart “Côté Bastide”.
A small tin and china towel rail is a wink to Cris.
A pair of feather wings for Saint-Ange.

When I get out of my bath, my home made bracelet and starry brooch are waiting for me.

Translated by Isabelle

3 commentaires:


Again, soooo pretty!! Love the sink and the tiles!

Anonymous said...

I just loooovveee the peaceful ambiance of your bathroom.


Thanks for the tips...

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maría cecilia said...

Beautiful, loved that floor!!!!
María Cecilia



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