Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fig jams

Nothing is better than Provence fig jam to put sun on your breakfast toasts, to go with feast meals or meals with friends.

This ripe and big fruit has been given to me by my friend Lise whose father is a producer of organic food at Sérignac (Gard, France).
Freshly picked in the orchard, the figs are mixed with sugar, a clove of vanilla, lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon.

The figs are in bowls made by Jean-Michel Casillo who is a potter craftman in Nîmes (Gard, France).

Translated by Isabelle

4 commentaires:

Catherine said...

Glorious photo's...I love figs, but I have never had fig jam, it looks and sounds delicious!!

Liane said...

Hi Laetitia,
now, I must once write a command: your blog is the beautifullest of Europe (perhaps of the world), your styling of all is the perfectest!!! And I love fig-jam, mhmhmh..... but in vienna not to buy, only in the southern contries!
on this way again many, many thanks for all! you are a great woman!!!

Liane said...

Bonjour Laeriss,
now, i must you send a command: your blog ist beautifullest of europe (perhaps of the world)and you are the greatest stylist for me. I love fig jam, mhmhm..... the photos are very beautiful!
also on this way many, many thanks for all, you make me very, very happy!

Sammy said...

I am a little bit curious. Do you use cloves in your fig jam? Because my mum used the cloves for aroma in the fig jam.

-Samya :-)



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