Thursday, August 16, 2007

Violet scents

Some antiques for a nice scene on a new topic: the violet.
Do you remember the pharmacy jar ?!
I found an other “Pier Import” jar, it is decorated with the reproduction of the label of a violet-perfumed soap.
I adorned it with a necklace ribbon I made.

Violets are modest and fragile ; their scent is delicate, they symbolize innocence and modesty.

A violet-flavoured candy box “Anis de l'Abbaye de Flavigny” is a pleasure of eating and also some childhood memories.

“The friendship glass” Comptoir de Famille is filled with a delicious violet-flavoured syrup "Brin de terroirs". There are also candles from "Intériors".

And as a wink at Toulouse, which emblem are violets, a nice 1920-cardboard “Violettes de Toulouse” where there were candies such as violet-flavoured sugar crystals and tea, liqueur.
Good news! These nice products still exist which is a treat for our taste buds !

Translated by Isabelle

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