Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cherubs, strings and lace

I have bought cherubs (organdie, tulle…) here and there to start a new collection which aim is to cover a limewashed wall of a child bedroom.

The pleasure of creating a new composition from old bamboo mirrors (former frames):
I put linen at the back of the frame and arrange little angels all around.
I hang glass pendant stones with some string,
An old ribbon which openwork reminds us of the shape of the pendant stones.

Cotton and linen strings are presented in a reel or not, their choice is important.
A cherub whose wings are adorned with buttons is quietly waiting in its “case”.
But the bamboo-style wooden frames are rare now so I use them as a pretext to bargain-hunt more and more...

In front of a scalloped lace curtain (IKEA), here is the beginnings of my collection.
Each time I buy an angel, I have a thought for my friend Saint-Ange.

Translated by Isabelle



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