Tuesday, October 2, 2007


October has been here for a few days, it’s getting colder.
Summer which has been in the running since September is now behind us.

Plants, trees and leaves are gripped by the cold and as a response to Spring, nature offers us a riot of colours.
Autumn has been here for a few days, nature is colourful.

In our country the grape harvests are nearly over and the vineyards will have a long rest.

Some signs are also visible in our village :
In front of our house a Virginia creeper is putting on its “red coat”.
Nature has set the record straight : Autumn Time, when days get shorter, when the sun becomes white and above all when it’s time to gather at home for a nice cup of tea.

But there’s still so much to do outside, so many pleasures and nice parties such as mushroom and chestnut picking!

Translated by Isabelle

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denise said...

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy all of the pictures on your beautiful blog!


OH! I did not know that you had an English Version, perfect!
Love all the pictures, and the second hand finds you found, they are all so pretty! You lucky girl :) I love flea markets and second hand shops, but it seems that you have the better ones :) I have a soft spot for French iteams you know..

Avel Angelica said...

Hello Laeriss,

Thank you for such beautiful photos of your beautiful home. I love Provence too and have fond memories of being there in the early '80's.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Very unique and so inspiring!!!
I'm adding you to my "Favorites"

Catharina Maria said...

This is really a wonderful blog ,
I love all the things that i see !!!
Rini - the Netherlands



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