Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An autumnal tea

A hot chocolate or a nice cup of flavoured tea with some cakes : there is no excuse to give in to temptation !
Outside it is sunset and it is getting very cold for the very first time.

My autumnal tea is a real pleasure that I want to share with a set “Ainsi de Suite” bought at Claude Bonnier’s (Nîmes, France).
The colourful sugar bar “Belle de sucre” was offered by Claude whose welcome was so warm.

The little plates with seeds and branches patterns evoke nature, happiness and simplicity which are so dear to the brand.

I have put some nice objects in the middle of the table to appreciate this sweet moment : a big cover of butter dish from an old cheese shop. It is filled with a collection of balls made of wooden slices, creeper, basketwork, seeds and vine shoots (some from “Pier Import”).
The flight of rusty butterflies is a garland I brought back from a store in Barjac : “La clé des Champs”.

The heart-shaped spoons are from “La Chaise Longue”.
The Medicis-style vase is made of wire “Interior’s”.

Translated by Isabelle

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful....Love the natural elements!

P.S. Love your wall color, what did you use?

Anonymous said...

Merci ;-)
C'est un badigeon sur enduit à la chaux hydraulique naturelle.
Le badigeon est préparé avec de la chaux aérienne et des ocres naturels "jaune clair" et "terre de sienne".
Mon mari explique cela très bien dans son blog .



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