Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to play with crowns !

As I was staying in Paris during the holiday season, I went to Cèdre Rouge a store located at Châtelet, Avenue Victoria.
I was kindly welcomed and I brought back three white ceramic candlesticks and of course a nice memory of this day.

I adorn them with little trimmed with ribbon things I have made myself and I add a card sent by Fifi.
A number locket, a heart with printed lace and pendant stones.

I have just recieved a parcel in which I happily discover a crown you have certainly recognized !

I add it immediately to my crowns for fun.

I combine an old partition I found at Anduze (Gard).

A "House Doctor" cover is protecting this special gift.

Many thanks to Fifi and Pampille.

Translated by Isabelle

5 commentaires:

Lilla Blanka said...

So beautiful...! I like crowns of all kind, big ones and small ones :)
Lovely photos...!

Ninis74 said...

I like crowns too, they are so decorative!
I ´ll be back, i like your blog!

annie's abode said...

I have a thing about crowns too but find them difficult to find in the UK. I do have a small pearl beaded one which is lovely and I hope to embroider some cushions with a crown.
The photos are lovely by the way

Magdalena said...

so beatiful,' how I like it...
I have also notepads in dekorations...

Catharina Maria said...

This are beautiful photos !!!
I also love crowns ;o)



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