Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It is time for breakfast

It is time for breakfast and it reminds us of our breakfasts of long ago, the breakfasts of our childhood.

There is nothing to say while sitting in front of a nice mug of hot chocolate.
Nothing except... enjoy ! A blessed moment since it can happen again every morning !

I lay these delights on a folding table I bargain-hunted at Castries (Hérault, France).

I bought some "croissants" at the village nearby and now it is time to serve this delicious chocolate since it is already 8 o'clock.

The old clock was bought at Boisseron (Hérault, France). But its hands were broken. No matter ! Two leaves from an oak tree from my garden will give it a natural aspect.

Remembrance of Autumn.
The old leaves have now the colour of the ground. A colour that is suitable for the dial and the topic of the day : chocolate and cream.

The cherished teddy bear in a heart-shaped basket is a childhood memory.

No good breakfast without sweetness and delights.
So... Bon appétit !

Translated by Isabelle

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