Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The advertising fan

The clouds have cleared and already the heat of the sun makes itself felt... The sun is high in the sky and we had almost forgotten its intensity.
The small fan is a welcome way to protect oneself from the dazzling rays.

Found at a flea market, the cardboard fan has suffered from age and is, of course, too fragile for use now.
One can, nevertheless, imagine that in the nineteenth century, around August 25th, it had been strong and useful to a dressed-up lady who sat on the terrace having coffee at the “Nouveau bar” of Charles Dézani, watching with friends, for example, the water jousting tournament at the Festival of Saint-Louis.

Notice that "Sète" is printed on the fan : The city was called "Cette" from 1250. Even though its official name was again "Sette" in 1790, it continued to be called "Cette" until 1927. After 1927 the spelling was changed to "Sète".
The advertising fan, always staying up to date, is currently made of durable plastic. In Japan, for example, such a fan is put to excellent promotional use and is distributed on every street corner.

A candlestick with a mottled patina.
Finally, a small adornment attached to a candle, which I dedicate to Kristin who loves small flowers made of fabric.

Original article "L'écran-réclame" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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