Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Communion memory

The young girls, of the 19th century, made their first communion dressed in white : a long dress, a veil and a pretty crown of white flowers.

The crown was made of lightly starched fabric flowers ; the one I found has faded into a delicious ecru.

Also found at a flea market, this one of pink fabric, assembled into a brooch.

Original article "Souvenir de communion" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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Anonymous said...


It is always more interesting, when pictures also tell "a story". Particularly interesting are stories from the past... Thanks! Again, your pictures are really attractive.

Here in Italy your first communion is an important event. At least in the countryside, confirmees are still dressed up, although much more modest than your "illustrations". How about France today?

Bacione, Ingrid

Malska said...

Beautiful roses! It's also a very important event in Poland and children look rather modest... But I think it is good so... Greetings :)

Ewa said...

The crown of these fabric roses is beautiful. I had also one :) ONCE....

Sea Angels said...

Bonjour it is a beautiful marker in the memory of the days of our lives, such moments are precious and the fragrance of the moment remains there for ever. Touching post, lovely.
Hugs Lynn xx


and many greetings from Germany. Your blog is very beautiful, and your wonderful impressions. I love trees and mulberry miss it here very much and thanks for the intractions of brooch.

if I may, I would like you in my linklist.

many greetings



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