Monday, July 28, 2008

The lace brooch

Homework n° 1 : «The lace brooch»

Because it is summer in Provence, the sun is shining and the holidays are made for relaxation and amusement, let the afternoon fill me with joy.

To close the shutters to preserve the coolness of the stone walls of the house and indulge in a little nap on the radassier* or in the shade of a mulberry tree, rocked by the song of cicadas... a small ritual that is important not to neglect ; then to do some small holiday homework.

Today a small sewing exercise : a lace brooch :
  • Take a simple piece of lace, bought in a drapery shop, thread with wire and gather to form a flower.
  • In the middle, sew a small "flower" of two stacked buttons found in a secondhand store.
  • On this, glue a small metal bird or another fantasy purchased from the "La Droguerie" store.

What a pleasure then, to pin it to a white tunic that is lightly scented by a pretty plaster rose from «Mathilde M».

Suddenly, I wish to take advantage of the end of the day, with sun shining on the isles of a flea market in the area, to find some small treasures which I will reveal to you soon !

(*) a Provençal settee or bench

Original article "La broche dentelle" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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~~Deby said...

this is so sweet...will have to make one and maybe stick it on my purse..or somewhere in my lovely room...



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