Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hearts of lichen

I always have such pleasure in collecting the treasures of nature, then arranging them in wooden crates, away from the light and humidity. And at a later time, use them for small creations.

Some of you already know my passion for hearts and even though my collection is already impressive, I wanted to create lichen hearts this weekend.

During my stroll, I am always surprised and filled with wonder by the various specimens and colors of these mosses and lichens which give our decorations this natural touch.

Original article "Cœurs de lichen" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

6 commentaires:

Poppy said...

What a lovely idea! and they look so pretty. x

inkas univers said...

your site is beutiful. I love it. Its really something special:-)Finaly I found the site i've been looking for.

Philippe Rissetto said...

Merci Lou, merci Inkas univers ;-)

Lana Manis said...

I enjoy reading about your decor and collections. I have a large tin flower bucket full of bark, lichen, moss, etc. that has dried and is awaiting transformation... or maybe just a little embellishment, for nature is already beautiful on it's own, isn't it?

DustyMills said...

I'm a country girl from Oregon, U.S.A., and I'd like to say that I have so enjoyed looking at your blog and all the beautiful pictures! We have similiar taste in decorating and I too love collecting any and all things from nature. Your lichen hearts are very original and are the very best that our forests have to offer. Thank you for the trip thru your world.

Michelle said...

Oh these are absolutely PRECIOUS!! So elegant and sweet. :)



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