Sunday, November 23, 2008

«Our children will accuse us»

Dédicace au film «Nos enfants nous accuseront»
A little particular post to spread about a documentary : «Our children will accuse us».
It is about an environmental tragedy : the poisoning of our contryside by chemical agriculture and the damages it has caused to public health, especially that of our children. The film «Our children will accuse us» recounts the courageous initiative of one municipality, that of Barjac in the Gard (France), a nearby village to at home, which has instigated organic produce for all school meals, financing the extra cost from the municipality budget.
Aware of the health risks which threaten a young population exposed to the 76 000 tonnes of pesticides used each year in France, one mayor decided to take the bull by the horns by setting an unprecedented political example, alerting public opinion and elected authorities to the scandalous abuses of an economic system which places its profits and interests above those of the population's health.
This is a film dedicated to the painful truth.

Dédicace au documentaire «Nos enfants nous accuseront»

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muralimanohar said...

Whoa. I saw this post the other day on the original blog, but I had no idea the pretty pictures were illustrating this story. Thanks for this. How inspiring, but sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Cara Laeriss,

Ooooo, scary! Also here in the Umbrian countryside there is ecological produce and children mostly lunch at home. But the produce seldom reaches the big food chains. Purtroppo! Ecofood should be a central issue for the EU nations! Thanks for your appeal and for the lovely apples! Bacione, Ingrid



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