Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Under a lead gray sky...

The sky of Provence takes on a particular color... a “lead gray” and is sometimes lit with noisy flashes !
This stormy atmosphere makes me want to take from the wardrobe a dress with the colors of the moment but with a small touch of pink added.

And so the weather plays on our moods, our desires of the moment and reminds us all the same that autumn is already here !
Just like Eivlys, I also like these beautiful shades in the house.

I dedicate this post to this beautiful campaign to raise public awareness : “Octobre rose” [Pink October].

Original article "Sous un ciel gris plomb..." translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

7 commentaires:

Poppy said...

Beautiful,I love the colours! x

Anonymous said...

I do love greys with dusky pinks, so pretty & classic.
love Alison x

Margie’s daughter Leiny said...

What a great dress and those beautiful boots, are they in two pieces? Margie.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous blog! Looking forward to reading more. thank you, Lucyx

Philippe Rissetto said...

Merci à vous toutes ;-)
@ Margie : La jupe est de marque "Noa Noa".
Les chaussures sont de "Trippen".

Anonymous said...

Hello. I've been working my way through your blog and I'm loving my visit. This post stopped me though because I am in LOVE with your boots. Do you mind if I ask what brand they are. I'm wondering if I could find them. I am from the states though so that could complicate things. Thank you.

Philippe Rissetto said...

@ Tinkerverve : Thank you so much for your compliments.
The boots made by "Trippen".
Best wishes.



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