Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Autumn light

Lino Factory jacket with a linen brooch Wooden Christmas decorations

Small autumnal walk under a light that only this season can offer to us.
I have a small confidence to share with you, but I am sure that some people who know me a little have guessed : I am not only fond of decorating but also of choosing my clothing.
For me, it is play to coordinate the materials, colors, shapes and to look for the small accessory that will complement a dress, as I search the flea market.

Lino Factory jacket
To return with a light step and to take advantage of this afternoon to make the Christmas decorations that will hang on the Christmas tree.
Hearts and stars in natural bark, Christmas balls that I have wrapped with soft fabric to give them a second life ; and a small linen bag from a Christmas of long ago !

Wooden Christmas decorations Mandarinbillie pair of pantaloons

Address book :
  • Jacket, “Lino Factory” bought at “L’atelier des Ours” (The bears workshop) in Uzès (26, rue Jacques d’ Uzès, Gard, France) a marvelous shop that capsizes my small heart upon each of my visits. Sandrine and Christine give a warm welcome and make this place inevitably unique : a delicious mixture of original and timeless clothing and vintage items.
  • A pair of pantaloons was created by Isabelle, a charming, creative French woman (Gard, France) whose creations are shown at Mandarinbillie Website.
  • Wooden Christmas decorations found at “Cocktail Scandinave” (Scandinavian Cocktail) in Nimes, France.

Original article "Lumière d'automne" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

4 commentaires:

Unknown said...

Ah, so lovely! Thank you for the eye candy! :)

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! Ive just discovered your place here and i'm so amazed, everything is so beautiful... words are useless to describe my echantement!

Carol said...

What an absolutely wonferful outfit! I would love an outfit like this. I was so pleased that you have shown us where to find these gorgoeus clothes.
Beautiful pictures.
Carol xx

inkas univers said...

How wonderful. I love your blog:))



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