Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Scent of Linden

Dryed linden flowers and iced linden tea
The memory of gathering under the sweet scent of flowering linden trees and the warmth of the sun at the end of May.

Used for drying linden, my old crates are in very good company.

In the coolness of the old walls, a late afternoon, enjoy this moment to savor iced linden tea.

Linden tea Linden flowers in old crates

Original article "Effluves de tilleul" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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Jojo said...

I am not familiar with linden but will now be curious about the scent and tea.

...ania z jezior.. said...

Och.. it's so nice!! That's just a pleasure!!
Take care of you and enjoy summer...

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Linden perfume was my most favorite scent....I was purchasing it from L'Occitane....but then they stopped making the perfume! .....and I was just about to make it my "signature fragrance"! Does anyone know if it is produced as a perfume? Your photographs are beautiful and I should love to have a sip of iced tea with my favorite floral must taste delicious!
Take care,Laura

*maren* said...

And so I felt in love again with your beautiful lightful pictures... :) and thank you very much for setting a link to my page, I am very happy about that, because I like your page so much. At the moment I am sitting here in my holiday home in Danmark... maybe the next will be in France? Lots of greetings, maren

Annie said...


A French company, Côté Bastide, offers a line of fragrances called "Tilleul." Perhaps you can locate a stateside store that sells Côté Bastide. "Tilleul" is the French word for "Linden" and not "Lime tree" as some translators believe (even on their website translation, Côté Bastide uses the "Lime Tree." I recently bought Côté Bastide Tilleul bath gel at Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas, USA, where I was doing a shoot for my blog. The gel is heavenly and reminds me of the fragrance of Honeysuckle.

Good luck is finding your Linden scent.


Monique said...

(no... thank you! For your wonderful pictures, your inspirational stories. Love to read with you. So thank YOU!)

Anna said...

Thank you for setting a link to my blog.
It's so nice at yours. You have so beautiful blog. I love this lifestyle. There is something mysterious in it. I can meet here such a quiet and romantic atmosphere.
Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Another picturesque post full of lovely sentiments. It's so cathartic to stop by here and read about your world


Lovely charming photographs. Always a pleasure!


I am so charmed by your surroundings, every little Idea, decoration, outdoor space or lovely display, I love it all!!!
I can almost, almost smell the scent..fresh and romantic as a summer breeze.
What a pretty table..

Friendly, Aina

Anna said...

I love your blog and your photo's! I like to use 2 of them on my blog...with a link to your blog...
may I? do I have your permission?
gr. Anna
you can find me at

Caleen said...

I don't know what Linden is.. but, now I will have to check it out.. I do love your blog and follow it.. Just beautiful. I hope it is o.k. If I have a link to your blog.. It is charming, restful and a beautiful blog.. Thank you..

Mari said...

Lovely pictures here <3

Carole said...

I've never tried Linden tea on it's own without being mixed with other herbs. But I do love linden scented candles. As usual your images are beautiful.....


Sierra said...

Such a cool and refreshing photo. I wish I could jump in and be a part of this fresh atmosphere!

Dreamgirl said...

You have absolutely gorgeous pictures. I can stay here and dream all night *sigh*

I found you through Federica at Sweet as a Candy. She has a wonderful blog too.

Why don't you come visit me as well?
At I have a great contest where you can win a subscription to House Beautiful.
At I have a fun challenge for all bloggirls that like to decorate.

See you soon!
Greeting from Norway

*Ulrike* said...

I will have to check into linden tea; perhaps my german aunt has heard of it. It sounds refreshing! I always enjoy your pictures

Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

My Linden trees are blooming as well - buzzing with bees. I've never made the tea from them. You have inspired me to try.

Anonymous said...

I love the perfume of linden blossom. Instantly brings back happy memories of my childhood. I ve always loved it.

Gaby @



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