Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Design Magazine

Cristal bedroom

With you, I discovered another passion : sharing.

And thanks to your encouragements, I have worked for several months creating a new magazine... my magazine !
In it, you will find my stories of houses, gardens... I will reveal addresses of beautiful guest houses, designers, boutiques, restaurants... and pages of “shopping" and "creation".

I'll see you next Tuesday... October 27, to present it to you !

Original article "Un nouveau magazine de décoration" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

28 commentaires:

Madelief said...

Hello Laeriss,

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it!

groetjes van Madelief

Rumour has it said...

Je suis très curieuse où on pourra se procurer ce magazine! Je serai la première pour en acheter un!
Félicitations pour ce joli projet!

Annie said...

I cannot wait to see your magazine. I know it will be magical and beautiful!

Patricia said...

This is just wonderful and I am looking forward to your presentation.

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Laeriss...I can't wait!
see you next tuesday:)

TheChicGeek said...

Ooooooh, Laeriss, I can't wait! This will be the most beautiful magazine EVER!

Wishing you much Beauty and Happiness today!

Hugs :D


SussiLibySweden said...


Congratulation, it will be very intresing to see your beautyful magazine.

I like your photo, it is so lovely

Hug from AnneLi...SussiLi..

maría cecilia said...

Congratulations for your magazine, I can´t wait to have a look at it, it must be a real beauty, as your blog is.
María Cecilia

Franskir Draumar said...

I know it will be wonderful and magial, just like your pictures in this blog.

I hope I will be abel to by it, what´s the name of it? and where will it be sold?

have a nice evening,


Elsa och Helena said...

I am looking forward to see Your new magazine. I know it must be the most beatiful magazine ever.

Donna Reyne' said...

How exciting for you!
I can't wait until the big reveal!
I already know it will incredible
Have a blessed rest of the week...donna

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! This is quite an accomplishment. I am sure it will be so lovely.

debi lynn mattingly said...

Congrats sweetie! I wish you all the well deserved success....and look forward to seeing the big reveal! xo..deb

Sallie Ann said...

J'adore les murs gris chauds et armoire blanc. La bonne chance avec votre nouveau projet. Je suis excité de votre revue.

Fågel Blå said...

Hello so lovely pictures!

Helen said...

Laeriss, congratulations! You have such a great talent and an eye for beauty, and I wish you every success with your magazine.

Skogsdoft & havsbris said...

Wow, your own magazine! That sounds fantastic! I wish you the best of luck with it! :)

The-Countrypolitan said...

What a fantastic accomplishment! I look forward to seeing it... I'm sure it will be a great source of inspiration.

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh how exciting.. Congratulations- I'm sure it will be a successful magazine that many will enjoy to see. You are quite an inspiration on your blog, so I can only imagine what the magazine will be like.

Here's to October 27th-

vosgesparis said...

Félicitations !!!! je suis tres curieuse!!!!!!! Si ce photo et un de les photo du magazine je suis fan tout e suite.....on se revois la prochaine semaine ;)
Bonne change

Rita said...

Hello Laeriss,
can't wit to see YOUR magazine.will it sell in Italy?
Please keep us posted!

Unknown said...

so lovely.....

Vue at Jindivick said...

Dear Laeriss,
I'm so excited for you.
I really adore your blog and to have it as a magazine will be wonderful.
Will have to get better at French to read my copy!!!
Merci beaucoup,


Hello, as I`ve seen all Your pictures I will look forward to see Your new magazine! Congratulations!

Anna said...

I hardly can wait!

Annette said...

Hello Laeriss,
I am looking very much forward to see your magazine.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

From where I can get one?
Greetings from Norhen Finland!
Yours, Ninni

staging professionals Toronto said...

I am really looking forward to see your "package" of ideas. I really want to praise your taste.
Just awesome!



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