Tuesday, April 27, 2010

# e-magDECO : « Vox Populi »

Vox Populi, decoration, lamps
Pascale Palun, magician of metal and old things that leave footprints on the memory, opens the doors of his workshop-showroom in Avignon.
This is a marvelous journey into the magical universe of « Vox Populi ».

This is a new report on e-magDECO.
Happy reading !

Original article "# e-magDECO : « Vox Populi »" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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Hi, I have been fllowing your blog for a while, and just want to say i think yours is the most visualy beautiful blog on the net!! You transport me to another world of sunshine romance and dreamy beautiful world, thank you. you in spired me to start my own blog ( not as lovely as your though!) i am sending best wishes and please keep up ypur lovely posys, Linda,

Ingrid de Villiers said...

I absolutely love your blog! I am in love with Provence as well! Where in the world can I buy those beautiful romantic clothes....that is so absolutely me! I live in the States and have not seen anything like that!
Ingrid De Villiers

Prior said...

Your blog is beautiful and I am gonna' follow you! Lezlee

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Wow, that picture is beautiful.
Off to see what more there is behind the door!

Di Overton said...

Fantastic article. So inspirational

Britt said...

Hi! I do really like your blog, teh pictures are so lovely and makes me feel good.
A lot of nice inspiration and joy is fillang my heart.Thank you, my friend.

Wecome to visit my blog!

hugs Britt

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hello Laeriss! Thank You for sharing the beautiful post of the garden. That was verry pretty for a garden junkie like me. Have a good weekend..Julian

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh those beautiful keys!

Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Flora Doora

Jojo said...

Another beautiful post. Oh to be able to step into the workshop!


Thank you for introducing the workshop! Marvellous... it's always a pleasure visiting your blog, france at it's best... Mira!

*Ulrike* said...

Wow! I can't even imagine all the ideas that come from being there!!



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