Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picking Figs

Picking figs
At the foot of a hilltop village, typical in Provence, fields of fig trees are bursting with ripe fruit.
This is the long awaited moment for gathering figs, delicious in jam or fresh, accompanied by a good pélardon !

Picking figs Sérignac, hilltop village typical in Provence

Straw hat, apron of English embroidery the color of "fig" and wooden crates ...
Here I am equipped for gathering !

White figs Crates with figs and straw hat

Original article "Cueillette de figues" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

18 commentaires:

Loppe said...

WAUW, what colours, what figues..

Great pictures !!

Simony said...

Beautiful place! I am sure they have a very delicious aroma and taste.
Your pictures are very pretty.

Muffin...♥ said...

beautiful :o)

The-Countrypolitan said...

One of the best dishes I ever had was a pizza made with figs, caramelized onions, and Gorgonzola cheese... YUM! ~Terri

Anonymous said...

What will you make with them? is there such a thing as fig jam? Or cookie filling? Here in the US we have a commercial cookie called "fig bars". They're wonderfully sweet!
I don't think I've ever seen a live fig tree. They're beautiful!
I love your outfit!

Ingrid de Villiers said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS!! It is pictures out of a storybook! Love it!

Sussi / Sussinghurst said...

Oh such luck, to be able to gather so many lovely figs. -Du you have figs in your own garden? I like your apron, wonderful color.

Mary said...

I love these images of you dressed so beautifully for harvesting such amazing figs!

I have two tiny trees just planted a couple years ago - a few small figs are ripening now and I hope to gather them before the birds and squirrels eat them!

My favorite way to eat them is to bake them with acacia honey and serve with mascarpone cheese! Also LOVE fig jam and will buy some figs from the market to make my own.

Thank you for always sharing so much beauty - Provence is my favorite place to visit.

Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

Anonymous said...

Your blog is simply AMAZING! I love all your publications!

Roberta said...

Such beautiful plump figs and your dress, so pretty!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

G'day~Figs are an amazing fruit.They are hard to find fresh here in the states.

Looks like you had an enjoyable day.Beautiful! ~Cheers Kim

maría cecilia said...

Hola Laetitia, I enjoy so much each and all the publications at your emag, such and interesting and wonderful job you are doing!!!! I really admire your work.
maria cecilia

maría cecilia said...

... sorry, I forgot to say that I love figs!!! my second favorite fruit, first is our delicious watermelons. I do too pick my own figs in summer time here at my hill but not dressed as charming as you are!!!!

POOKIE said...

What lovely colors--and wow, those figs look glorious! I can only dream of such things as I sit here at my desk staring out at a cold, windy, wet day here in Sydney!


Sammy said...

These figs look so succulent. Enjoy.

-Samya ;-0

*Ulrike* said...

Those figs look delicious! So huge too!! My little fig tree is struggling along, but hopefully next year it will be better. I love the photo of the hat with the figs!
Take Care,

Evie said...

Ooh figs - my favourite fruit - very rarely find them in Scotland!!

Anonymous said...

Goodevening!wonderful pictures.So different from Sweden.It`s like a farytail.
Tank you for the look.



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