Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In a Month... Spring !

Blouse in toile de Jouy Old plate decorated with birds

In a month it will already be spring, the days will begin to lengthen slowly.

Blouse in toile de Jouy Daisy pompon

In the morning, from the florist stall, I chose the daisies "pompon," which symbolize the arrival of spring. They are wrapped in brown paper to decorate the table.
I am satisfied with my little find of the day, whose colors remind me of this blouse in toile de Jouy that I found last summer.

Original article "Dans un mois... le printemps !" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

6 commentaires:

Henrik said...

How I long for spring, we still have snow here in Denmark, quite unsual actually. I have begun the early sowing so as to keep up the spirit.

De Ruijsbroekjes said...

oh yes let there be springtime ! You made lovely pictures of your beautiful blouse aaargh gorgeous and the little flowers such fragile !

Kasia said...

beautiful daisies !!!

I am greeting

Rejane Maria said...

I really love this blog!
I live in south of Brazil, and here the summer is ending.

Clare in London said...

I thank you for your refreshing blog. It has kept me going through what seems a very long and bleak winter.
Hurrah for Spring. You make life in Provence seem so magical at any time of the year,how do you do it!

Fay said...

Bonjour Laeriss

beautiful thoughts and images LOVE the Pompons and the sweet little chair is exquisite

i just bought white hyacinths

fay xxx



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