Monday, March 14, 2011

Crystalized Violets

The ingredients for making crystallized violets Violet put on a spoon full of sugar

I discovered in the garden the first violets, also called "flowers of March".
The memory comes to me of a quite simple recipe... crystallized violets.

Neither one, nor two, I picked several flowers, washed, dried them, then dipped them in egg white and finally sugar.
I let them dry outdoors so that they harden. They will help me to decorate and flavor my next dessert.

Crystalized violets Detail of crystalized violets

Original article "Violettes cristallisées" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

14 commentaires:

Simo said...

...che immagini meravigliose!!!

La Table De Nana said...

I love making these..

what a beautiful post~


Such a good idea! They look lovely.

Gigi said...

So sweet and beautiful.

Beth said...

So lovely...I can't wait for our first violets to arrive! I'm going to try to crystalize mine, too! Thanks for sharing. xoxo Beth

Anonymous said...

So pretty.


Tina - said...

So very fine - I will try it too - it looks very delicious ;o)
Greetings Tina
I have a give-away on my blog right now - so if you like - you are welcome to participate.

Florence said...

I found some violets this weekend to on my walk. I love the idea of sugaring them. Florence

Ainosofia said...


Cheri said...

Thank you for all the inspiration. This blog is an alladdins cave for me.

Especialmente Gaspas said...

Que aspecto maravilhoso :)

Fay said...

equisite merci fay x

Jacqui said...

How very beautiful, thank you so much for posting this


Monica said...

Being that violets are one of my favorite flowers, right alongside mugeut, lilacs and bluebells ... I must tell you how lovely I find this post, and how beautiful your crystallised violets turned out.



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