Wednesday, June 29, 2011

# e-magDECO : The Gardens of Château de Christin

Gardens of Château de Christin to Junas near Sommières in the Gard, a report of the magazine e-magDECO
The gardens of Chateau de Christin, in Gard, are designed in multiple terraces which are discovered like a succession of rooms of greenery.
A structured landscape and narrative with fragrance on the Mediterranean.

This is a report from the magazine e-magDECO.

Original article "# e-magDECO : Les jardins du Château de Christin" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

2 commentaires:

Rachel Callaghan said...

Stunning!! I soooooooo want to to peek around the door to see what is on the other side. You have lovely images on your blog. I always look forward to seeing updates. Merci!

Shane Pollard said...

I just adOre this image - it's perfect!
The colour and shape of the door and framed so beautifully with ivy.
I love the mediterranean beaches too and the villas.

Wishing you a happy Sunday in France!



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