Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Softness...

Staying at home despite oneself, the result of spraining one’s knee.
Looking at this dancer beneath her glass, pirouetting on her toes.
Appreciating the compassion of my loyal companion who avidly waits for his habitual walk in the countryside.

Enveloping oneself in a cozy wrap-over top, to which a pretty broach is pinned.
Simply appreciating the act of drinking a cup of tea.
Admiring the soft universe created, like a canvas.
Letting oneself be pampered by one’s near and dear and becoming used to it!

Retro brooch Mademoiselle Bohème Pink wool wrap-over top 'Noa Noa', tulle dress 'Myrine & Me' and brooch 'Mademoiselle Bohème'

Details of my outfit of the day :
Pink wool wrap-over top "Noa Noa", tulle dress "Myrine & Me" and brooch "Mademoiselle Bohème".

Original article "Tout en douceur..."

8 commentaires:

Jojo said...

Hoping you heal quickly and can get back on your feet in no time.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be back up again soon. I fell the other day and wretched my knee. It bruised right away and is still sore keeping me from my daily walking routine for a day.

Very sweet dog! I love your pink wool sweater, and the brooch.

I think sometimes we do lose track of the little things that bring us happiness. Its good to remember that one feels the happiest with things that cost very little!

Angela said...

I'm sorry about your knee, I hope you can take your sweet and patient dog out for long walks again soon.
I love your brooch, it looks great with your soft pink sweater.

WendyW said...

Your dog is sooo cute ... Love the soft look .... get better soon and enjoy the change of sitting quiet and seeing things around you that you wouldn't normally see due to the busyness of life.

Roberta said...

I hope you are able to walk your sweet Pooch very soon. Such a pretty pink wrap. Your style is so beautiful! xo

Rainbow Gatherer said...

I'm in love with the brooch :) I'll be happy if you visit my blog ,I've made a post about provence style home decor.

Fibre frenzi said...

I love your site. Thankyou! Your gorgeous dog looks just like mine!

salige lavendel said...

I love dogs, and this is a real beauty!! We have a little Prazsky Krysarik girl here at home, SO much joy =)



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