Friday, September 6, 2013

# e-magDECO : « Casa Cardinal »

Charming house available to rent 'La Casa Cardinal' in Villeneuve-les-Avignon, a report of the magazine of decoration 'e-magDECO'
A former dwelling for the Papal Palace’s cardinals has rediscovered its former glory and now houses a modern-day fairy tale. Transformed into a charming house available to rent, it has been baptised « Casa Cardinal ».

This is a report of the magazine e-magDECO.

Original article "# e-magDECO : « Casa Cardinal »"

3 commentaires:

Unknown said...

There is always something to inspire me in your pictures
Thanks for sharing. Best wishes and love always. Nicky x

Liana said...

Interni d'ispirazione.
Ciao, Liana

Olga Siedlecka said...

Your world is so inspirational. Thank you!



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