Monday, October 22, 2007

A bucolic old rose

From a cast-iron decorated circle, I make a frame for an old postcard I have bargain-hunted.
A cornet of matching flowers for an old rose and bucolic atmosphere.
The grey sheen candlesticks "Casa" are very original since they are made of wax.

The bird, the grey and rose-colored are dear to our friend Tourterelle whose blog is “Esprit champêtre”.
I will never forget that, thanks to her, I have discovered what “sharing” on a blog and the wish to do the same are.
Many thanks to you Fred !

Translated by Isabelle

2 commentaires:

Mary said...

Your blog is very beautiful! I was happy to find the English version, as I'm afraid my French is a little rusty.

I would be thrilled if you could come visit me at:

Catherine said...

All very very beautiful...Love the candle stick's and holders..the color's of the candles..sooooo pretty! Makes them look vintage, like beautiful antique's!
Your blog bring's me so much JOY!!



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