Friday, October 26, 2007

The spelling book

Some brass ornaments, I bargain-hunted this morning, are in an old box of cigars.

The “Salon de la Mode, 1895” (1895 Fashion Show) old plate, with the patterns of a spelling book drawn on it, is used as a mat.

The spelling book is a wink at friends and embroiderers who visit my blog.
I place a dried outdated red rose to replace the red thread which is the symbol of life.

A brass rose window is hung by a thin linen cord around an old bottle.

Translated by Isabelle

5 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

This is just so beautiful, thank you for sharing! A piece of our hearts are in Provence too but we live in Australia :) Jenn and Jacqui

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh my! The letters are so gorgeous to me!!! I love typefaces and this one is amazing. Your photographs are beautiful and inspiring to me. Thank you for adding a english language link!!!! I just love it my dear ~ xxoo, Dawn

Mary said...

Oh, how lovely! I, too, think the letters are just gorgeous, and the brasses are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!!!!

Catherine said...

Oh how beautiful!! I can't get over all of your beautiful thing's...such treasure's, and I love all the beautiful vignettes
you make with your treasures! have quite an eye for beauty and detail..thank you so much for sharing it!!



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