Friday, February 8, 2008

The Book of Love Missives

It is soon Valentine's Day and my heart was unable to resist to this refined collection of books made for "La Comédie Française" and published by "Le Thé des Écrivains".

It is such a pleasure to remove these tear-off love letters from this "Book of Love Missives" to write a few words to the one you love !

How delightful it is for me to give you those Christmas roses whose corollas have just blossomed !

I also find the restaurant "Cristal Room Baccarat" (Paris) so romantic !
I would like to discover this enchanting place one day !

Translated by Isabelle

2 commentaires:

an angel at my table said...

Très jolies photos!

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Laeriss, tres tres jolie! We loved this post, just beautiful! Jenn and Jacqui



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