Thursday, February 14, 2008

A "couture" antique

Here are the objects I found last weekend, it was "couture"/sewing antiques.
I particularly like old taylor's dummies as I have already shown you here.
It is true that objects that belong to the past are the ones I prefer and this old dummy represents a kind of witness.

It was waiting for me somehow.
Further an impressive collection of old reels (cotton, linen and wool) whose colours are so subtle.

Just imagine how happy I was when I discovered all those shades !
I chose green, pink and some other natural shades.

Other surprises were waiting for me and they are coming for you soon.

Translated by Isabelle

9 commentaires:

Annie - Annalunda said...

What a nice blog! Inspiring...with a lot of gorgeous photos..Merci!!!
I love your style!

I´ll be back and you are of course welcome to me!


Kol och Rosors said...

I like the photos,it gives alot of inspiration.
I will visit your blog again and you are welcome to see my blog.


Deserae said... found some great goodies! I have a sewing form that is made out of leather and is so old the paint is worn off....I could never part with her though....she is one of my favorites! LOL..
Have a fabulous week!

Katja - Bag End said...

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful pictures with a wonderful atmosphere. Really really nice :-)

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Country French Antiques said...

Love your dummy and your choice of colors!
Always beautiful photo's!!!
You make me so long for France!

Anonymous said...

I Love the "Couture Dress Form"....Love your look!

oldflowers4me said...

your mannequin is divine - im making a pot of tea would you like to share- singing and singing love jo.

Cottage Dreaming said...

What a beautiful collection of vintage sewing. You have photgraphed them perfectly. Great inspiration. Thanks.

Sierra said...

How lovely! The mannequin is stunning and your style exquisite. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography and art!



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