Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A taste of Spring

A match of grey and pink to emphasize the transparency of the glass.
A nice match of colours and materials my dear friends Eivlys, Fred and Viccha like so much.

Inspiration has come to me while admiring the in bloom cherry and almond trees edging the fields and vineyards in Provence.
Indeed there is a taste of Spring in our nice countrysides !

As I have already told you here, here are the last objects I bargain-hunted : some covers, sweet boxes and sugar bowls.
Those glass-works were lined on a stall.
The stallholder made me a very reasonable price, I was lucky.

It is one of those Sundays when it is "La vie en rose" !

Translated by Isabelle

20 commentaires:

Jan said...

I did a post on my love of glass. I just adore it everywhere in my house. It just sparkles the room. I just love your place. Maybe someday I will see it. I need spring.

Caleen said...

I love the glass and the color
combination... I hope spring arrives
soon.. I have been to parts of Italy
and I hope to come visit again someday.. I loved it!!

ChatrinesLiving said...

What a loveley blog!:)
And lot`s og georgeous pictures and inspiration! I just love Provence;)

Lilla Blanka said...

What a beautiful post..! The photos are amazing..

~ Underveis ~ said...
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Kol och Rosors said...

I love the combination glass, zink & pastell colour.
Here in Sweden I had helpt the cherrytwig...Now it`s bloming indoors.

:) L-Lott

Annie - Annalunda said...

I love the glass and the photos are amazing... Is it ok to link to your blog as one of my favouritelinks?

~ Annie

~~♥ Mamma Millan ♥~~ said...

ooo, such a beautiful blogg..just love it!!! So nice glass!!

Hugs from Sweden!!
Ha en härlig dag!!
♥Kram Millan♥

Catherine said...

I love your sweet boxes and sugar bowls~they are beautiful!! And the beautiful gray tray they are setting on!! You have such gorgeous things, and gorgeous pictures!! I have enjoyed your "Taste of Spring"!

Lisas torp said...

Lovely pictures and things for spring!
Your blog are amazing and lovely!
An inspiration!

I would like to link you to my blog! Is that OK?

Many lovely springwhishes from Sweden and Lisa!

Philippe Rissetto said...

Merci à vous toutes pour vos commentaires et votre gentillesse.
Je prend beaucoup de plaisir à vous lire, c'est une sorte de récompense pour moi ;-)
@ Lisas Torp : Je vous remercie vous aussi pour vos compliments. Je suis bien évidemment d'accord pour votre lien vers "A Heart in Provence" et j'en suis même très flattée, vraiment.

an angel at my table said...

Tres jolies photos avec une belle sensation de printemps. Merci pour l'inspiration !


~~♥ Mamma Millan ♥~~ said...

Sååå vackert!!!
Ser du kunde svenska ju!

Underbar blogg..kommer gjärna tillbakshit!!!

Ha en underbar härlig vecka!!!
~~♥ Milliskramar ♥~~

Anna said...


What a lovely blog! Beautiful pictures and a lot of inspiration:)

I think grey and pink among with glass is a great combination!

Greetings from Sweden,


I love the black and white contrast with the pink flowers. It gives it a vintage feel like the hand coloured photographs my father had created.

Jenny Oak Fae said...

Your blog is so beautiful, a wonderful source of inspiration!

/ Jenny in Sweden


♥ H@rmoni ♥ said...

Beutiful pictures you are showing. I`ve been in Provence some years ago, and I would certainly like to go back.
This is a wonderful and joyful blogg -gives a lot of inspiration.
H- Norvege

vosgesparis said...

Hello I came aling this adress in a blog of a friend of mine... I an surprised as I thought I found a lot of these beaurtiful French blogs... So I am happy to have found a new one!

Maintenant je va voir er lire ta blog, je suis heureux de savoir assez de francaispour ca ;))

Je suis tres curieux, et voudrais mettre la votre liens sur ma blog


Anonymous said...

I'm a new visitor to your blog, and so glad that I stumbled in. What beautiful pieces.

Cookie Sunshine

cecilmil said...

wowww beatiful decorations, you glass is beautiful, sorry my inglish is poor............
take care.



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