Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lily Rose

A quick surf on the web will take you to «Lily Rose», a beautiful online shop full of the treasures of Denmark !

How could anyone resist these pieces which celebrate the spirit of Scandinavia ?

My favourite is this large galvanised planter. It contains Allium Schubertii and every spring I wait impatiently for it to flower - a real firework display of mauve stars !

I love those metallic flower stems displayed in an old picture frame, and the string of flowers in front is another all-time favourite.

Original article "Lily Rose" translated by David

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Anonymous said...

This is such alovely blogg.....I found it by chance whilst looking for somewhere to stay in September I live in Southern California now but spent a lot of time in France as a child and young adult My dream is to rent a small flat in a village somewhere in the Var district not far from Toulon....any ideas???Susan.

Biene said...

All in your blog are so lovely, wonderful photos!!!
Thank you very much I can watch them!


I know, my english is very bad, but I want to learn it better.



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