Sunday, May 11, 2008

A little tour round the courtyard

During your weekend break you'll want to spend a little time in the garden.

A corner of the courtyard where I do my planting up.

These «Radiance» cosmos, with their light foliage and gentle colours, will soon be lighting up the garden.

Original article "Petit tour dans le patio" translated by David

10 commentaires:

Ewa said...

I just gave you the award, please have a look at my blog.

Ewa said...

I am very very happy to hear from you. I am reading your blog since some time and I love it :)
Your grandma was Polish - thats great!
Keep on blogging please and never stop :)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Laeriss -
What a beautiful space - we would never want to leave!
Karla & Karrie

Lissu said...

I just love your photos!

Sara said...

I lovew your garden photos! You have a lovely home!

H A N N A S - F O R M said...

Thank you, Laeriss! You have lovely photos hear!!!

Have a wonderful summer!


Anonymous said...

I am a dedicated reader of both your blogs. Your photographs are an inspiration!

Fifi Flowers said...

love the photos on your site!

Catherine said...

Just beautiful!! I look forward to seeing your courtyard in June!
Happy Summer !

stadtgarten said...

Looking at the photos in this post, I feel like being back to France! Thank you!
I loved your french blog very much - but reading english is much easier for me, so thank you for the english version!



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