Monday, June 2, 2008

My first candle !

It has been twelve months since I first opened my heart to you on the Web, sharing my pleasures, my passions and my discoveries. And I take this occasion to digress... to reveal a little about myself.

As you may have noticed, my first passion is for old objects that I discover in empty attics and flea markets of Provence.
This begins with the joy of wandering, with a gaze to the ground in search of «treasure» buried at the bottom of an old box or in the middle of a cluster of small things. The emotion that certain objects provide, books or furniture, transports me to distant memories.
Memories of smells, places, people. The imagination is awake.
Imagine the person who used it but also imagine the object, dusted off or with a slight patina, installed in its interior. What a Joy and satisfaction !

My second passion is to make these neglected objects live again by placing them in pastoral settings with other objects of desire and lucky finds. I especially like to combine objects with the treasures of nature. Decorations which I create within the house are for a daily pleasure or within nature for a more ephemeral pleasure.

I offer you these small vignettes once or twice a week, sometimes three, according to the inspiration and each time it brings me true happiness.
Yes it’s true ; it’s a pleasure to read your comments, to see your reactions and to share with you.

A big «thank you» to all of you, the devoted or occasional visitor, for leaving a short note here, because whatever one says always gives pleasure, encouragement and especially makes it possible to discover you too.
The discovery is also that a special relationship is woven with you ; this link is created, spread with a light, a photo, a word...
And with time, true friendships, sincere confidants.
I, an unusual one, whose only thought is to be impassioned by second-hand things, the tiny pleasures of life, the treasures which nature offers us, found here people who resemble me and understand me... a true, small «virtual family» with whom I visit daily for my greatest pleasure ;-)))
So, see you soon...

Original article "Ma première bougie !" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

5 commentaires:

Recycled Rita said...

Thank you! And happy blogiversary! Your blog is enchanting...I too love old, secondhand things and you are able to collect so many beautiful things living in France...It is eyecandy for this American! hugs! karen b...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I'm so happy I've discovered it! Your images are truly beautiful.

We share the same passion for beautiful old things and I will certainly visit often.

Thank you for sharing and for all the time you put into posting your images and writing about your travels.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late but I just wanted to wish you congratulations on your blog anniversary.
I love your blog and your photos are just stunning.
Love Alison x

Małgosiaart said...

Thank You for sharing. Beauty soul.Merci.

Deborah said... nice to meet you..your blog is beautiful and so thoughtful..
Ive added you to my favourites..
come visit me..

Deborah \0/



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