Thursday, September 11, 2008

The old mechanism

My husband who works in architecture is always surprised by my lucky finds because very often he does not see the use that I can make of my small discoveries ; because for him, it is necessary that the things are
useful, they must have a purpose.

But you should have seen his reaction when I pulled this dismantled old mechanism of an old alarm clock out of my bag.
I’m quite sure that the majority of you, girls, could describe to me the same experiences or reactions... isn’t that so ?

And yet, isn’t this useless object beautiful ?
It doesn’t have hands, ok, but that doesn’t take away from its delicate old dial, its enamel, its calligraphy numbering...
Look at how the number “7” is drawn; it is funny ; it is like a “2” the wrong way round.

Just like this rusted box filled with “small copper nails” on which the writing with a feather pen attracted me and brought a lot of emotion.
I imagine a person writing these same letters on a small paper circle, then pasting it on the box so as not to lose the “precious” contents (which are still inside).
My husband sees the nails as unimportant because for him, nails... he sees every day (smile).

A eucalyptus leaf like a heart planted on wire reminds our husbands that our passion isn’t expensive, though we could claim them to be beautiful jewels !
As the value of things does not depend inevitably on their price...

But it’s not impossible to hope for both ! ;-)

Original article "Le vieux mécanisme" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...


True, true! The value of things - does not depend on the price. It´s all about LOVE! Also, if every object in your house is just functional.... how boring. Surprises, eye ctchers, frivolties - contribute to una atmosfera speciale! Thanks for the lovely pictures and thoughtful remarks! Bacione, Ingrid

createacraft said...

I have read an article about the differences between male ans female reactions for house decorating..
It said that while woman were measuring the height of each electrical applience in each room.. what men couldn't reallt wait for was to turn the light on.. to sit in the sofa and start to zap on tv.. =P

my DH doesn't understand why every daily object I use and look at has to be "beatified" or arranged =)..
wish you the best day..

lottens vita och gröna said...

oh your blog is lik poetry, so beutiful photos!
varmhug lotten (swedish)

Himlarum said...

Everything on your blog is SO beautiful! So much soul you put in your photos! A pure pleasure to be here!
With love
Ann-Helen in Sweden



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