Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year !

Pot carré en zinc et pomme de pin
Happy new year ! !

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H A N N A S - F O R M said...


Hugs from

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too :)

Weißer Vintagezauber said...

Hallo, so ein toller Blog.Bin immer wieder begeister.Freue mich schon auf mehr Fotos.Ich wünsche dir noch ein gutes neues Jahr.Grüße aus Deutschland,Elke.

Magdalena said...

hello... Bonne Année ****


Hello Laeriss,
I wish you a happy and blessed New Year 2009! Greetings, Mira...

Anonymous said...

Bonne Année!!
I´m longing to see more of your beautiful pictures this year, too.

A Bientôt


heavenandearth said...

Hi Laeriss!

A Happy New Year to you too!!


Jill said...

I Love your blog and visit often! I also have you listed as one of my favorites! I have you listed for about 4 months!

ღ Cindy ღ said...

Bonne Année Laeriss!!! Ahaha, I'm learning French!
Wishing you a happy and blessing new year! =D


gamla skolan said...

You have a wonderful blogg , and i hope too come back ! Hug's Susanne / den gamla skolan

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi sweetie!
As always...BEAUTIFUL! xo...deb

chiara said...

Hallo! I feel like a baby, I discovered your AMAZING blog just one hour ago and spent this hour looking at it. You're absolutely gorgeous, you're an artist of taste and color combination. I've always loved provence style, I love also shabby, scandinavian style, english country, american country..I'm without hopes! I love everything old, cozy, delicate, natural and smooth..and I obviously linked your blog immediately because it'll be one of my favourite places to visit!
Thank you
Chiara from Marche ( a wonderful italian region next and similar to Tuscany)



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