Sunday, January 4, 2009

Soft fabrics and gourmand colors

Flower necklace with fabric IKKS lacy blouse

In these early days of the year nine, there is a desire for soft materials in gourmand shades, “chantilly,” “cream,” or “chocolate.”

Also, create a small decorative “cocooning” around a cozy nest which contains sewing treasures and adorable small cages with melodious hearts !

On a flowery side table, old cages and bird nest Woollen garment short sweater over a IKKS blouse

Original article "Douces matières et couleurs gourmandes" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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heavenandearth said...

My God!
What a beautiful shirt!!! Just Lovely!! And the knitted vest..!!
I just love the way you dress and wish I could ware it too.. It´s a little bit too cold for the moment..-17 F!!!

Have a great Week!!

Anonymous said...


Cocooning suits me fine. Like the gilet! Would serve me needs right now - temperatures below zero! Buon Anno e bacione! Ingrid

Vibeke said...

Hello :o)

What a beautiful blog you have, i think i have fallen in love......The pictures you show are so inspirational!I love the materials and the colors you show here too, real treats for the eye :o)

I would like to make a post about your beautiful blog on my blog if it is okay for you of course!

Best wishes for the new year.
Vibeke from Norway :o)

Mia said...

What a lovely post! In fact your blog is just lovely, I am quite speechless by the beauty to be found here. Your photos are exquisite and the atmosphere here just takes my breath away! I shall be back!

Philippe Rissetto said...

Merci à toutes pour votre gentillesse ;-)
@ Irène et Cara : Dimanche il faisait doux et au soleil on se sentait bien. Mais, effectivement, aujourd'hui ma tenue n'est plus de circonstance car ici, aussi, la température a chutée en-dessous de zéro, brrrrr ;-)
@ Vibeke : C'est avec bonheur que je partage avec vous et c'est avec joie que je lirai votre post (It's ok of course).
@ Mia : Vous serez toujours la bienvenue, à bientôt.

Viola said...

I must write to you and say that your blog is fantastic! A big hug from VIOLA in Sweden

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey sweet pea!

I am speechless!!! (that is saying a lot for this Louisiana Cajun);) But, I LOVE this look..I always have.

I would also like to introduce you to one of my clothing designers that I use and is very famous here in the states...Magnolia Pearl

She works with nothing but vintage lace & vintage fabrics. I think you will enjoy her work! She also has a book out..."A Bit of Velvet & a Dash of Lace"!


ChatrinesLiving said...

Lovely fabricks and beautiful colors!
I just love it!

Linda said...

Hi. You have a beatiful blog. Very inspirational! I love Provance, and Juan les Pins :o) My place.
I can see that you've made this blog with your heart. Thank you for sharing.
From Linda in Norway.

Helen said...

Hi there!
I´m in love with the beautiful clothes you?are wearing! The colours are so sweet and nice.
I´m looking forward to see more wonderful things here in your blog!
à bientôt!

One Shabby Old House said...

Hello Laeriss,
I am so happy that you came to visit me. I have sat for hours touring your blog and the list of beautiful blogs that you follow.
I love the way you dress. It speaks beauty in any language.
I will visit you often.

The Muse said...

i spent much time in provence...what a spot of happiness you have brought to this Muse!...i count your blog as a new blessing...

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, may favorite color palette:)

Vibeke said...

Laeriss :o)

I was so glad to see your comment on my blog!I don`t understand French but some of the words was so similar to english that i could understand some :o)I have put you on my blogglist also so i can bee easily updated on what is happening on your blog an also other bloggers can find you there!If i understood it right you have a place on the bottom of the page here that you mention bloggers that have written about your blog and/or have linked you.If ypu like i would love to be places there :o)

I wish you a nice weekend and i want to thank you for allowing me to make a post with the beautiful pictures from you!


Vibeke said...

I can see some BAD spelling in one sentence that i wrote in the comment, SORRY!
I ment to write: If you like to i would love to be placed/linked there!:o)

Philippe Rissetto said...

@ Vibeke : Il n'y a pas de problème, car j'ai compris l'essentiel.
Effectivement, la rubrique "My readers" me permet de remercier celles et ceux qui apprécient mon univers et, ainsi, de les faire découvrir à mon tour.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog.I`ll be back!

Lo said...

So beutiful piqtures! I love the clotes. Is there someting to buy?
Thank you for a lovely site.
Regards Lo from Sweden

Angel.Pearls said...

Real pleasure -all beautiful things!Love//Eva

Miamor said... your blog..we will visit Cannes in JULY...for two weeks...what do you recommand us to see and experience in Provence???

Catherine said...

BEAUTIFUL blouse and the colors and the soft textures! The sleeves are fantastic!
Love the carved table, cages and the adorable hearts ~you always have the most perfect vignettes! Hope your holidays were beautiful~from looking at previous post..they were beautiful indeed!
Happy New Year!

Claire Jackson said...

Bonjour!!! What a beautiful, inspiring and wonderful site this is. I am so enjoying reading your posts and absorbing the beautiful images and delights you share on your site. I have forwarded on your link to my friends in the hope that they too will enjoy it as much as me. Congratulations:-)

Claire Jackson (Haven Home)

Anonymous said...

Je vous remercie mille fois. Je suis étonnée par la beauté. Quel cadeau. C'est le paradis.



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