Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homemade cookies

Homemade cookies Homemade chocolate cookies

I cannot resist the smell of homemade chocolate cookies !
A simple recipe that delights children and adults at first taste.

Chocolate Cookies
Here’s the recipe :

Preheat the oven (th. 6). Cut 100 g of dark chocolate into small pieces
with a knife. Melt 100 g of butter at a very low temperature, then remove from heat and cool ; whisk butter in a bowl with 75 g of light brown sugar. Add 1 egg, 100 g of flour and 50 g of almond powder. Mix the small chocolate pieces into the dough.
Arrange small circles of dough on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
Bake for about 10 minutes, monitoring the baking. Cookies must not be over baked and should remain soft.

I dedicate this post to Annie, as I loved her story, “The way to his heart”, especially a these words : “My husband fell in love with my cooking and I fell in love with his lavish praise.”

Original article "Cookies “maison”" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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Vibeke said...

Mmmmmmm, when i close my eyes i can feel the smell....:o)Lovely dress!

I wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend Laeriss.
Warm hello from Vibeke

PS:Thank you so mutch for translating the comment from you in my blog :o)

Miss Kris said...

Hi Laeriss~

Mmmmm....those cookies look so tasty...I'll start my diet next week..haha. May you have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for the recipe also. ~Miss Kris~

Michelle said...

I 100% agree on the smell of chocolate chip cookies and they are also my favorite! Thank you for the recipe. :)

decomondo said...

Bonjour, je vous remercie! On ne peut pas résister à ces biscuits! :)


Hello! Thanks for a wonderful blogg! I got so mush inspiration and feel that the clothes are just me! Have a nice weekend! Ingela

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I just discovered your beautiful blog.. I'm drooling over those delicious looking cookies, Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll be returning if that's ok.. I've added you to my blog roll so I don't miss a post.. hugs ~lynne~

Brocante said...

I enjoy visiting your lovely blog from time to time. The cookies look delicious!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Thanks so much for swinging by. The grandson comes this afternoon, so we're going to baking some of these wonderful cookies.
Have a super w/k hugs ~lynne~


Look at these tasty and yummy cookies! I could just grab one... I can smell them directly! So beautiful pictures, hearty greetings Mira!

Lorri said...

Yummmy. I have to try this recipe tomorrow. Thanks for such a tasty post.

debi lynn mattingly said...

The cookies look yummie...but, I have to say that even your clothes match your cookies! How darlin' is that? :)


Helen said...

Mmm, I can almost smell the wonderful fragance from the biscuits, I have to try baking them someday...and as "the junkin' Yaya" said: Your clothes matches the cookies. It's only you who can think of such details...
A bientôt!

Anonymous said...

I made a chocolate cake... Your cookies look delicious! Maybe I need to write down the recipe :)

Anonymous said...

The cookies look delicious, but I have 2 admit I drool even more over your dress. What a cute thing! Me wants it :) Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I know for sure, I can smell them,...

Anonymous said...

I love your apron! It matches your cookies!

Gunhild said...

I can smell the cookies all the way to my home! Lovely :) Actually, I have a similar recipe and for those who love lavender- skip the chocolate and take 1 grounded teaspoon of dried lavender in the dough and make som lavendercookies!
Also love your dress- and all the colours that blend so well into eachother :)
And so I must thank you for leaving comments on my blog- unfortunately I cannot read a word on france... so, would you like to translate, please? I realise I have to learn to speak this beautiful language and try to manage to read it as well.
Wishing you all the best- love from Gunhild, "Lavenderhome".

Teena Vallerine said...

Hello! Just popped over from Niki's. Love the choc chip cookies but I like your chocolate chip frock every bit as much! t.x



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