Monday, January 19, 2009

The old bear

Old soft toy bear
Out of a wooden crate, I take an old ragged bear found this morning with this batch of burlap bags.
All these objects are tired, worn by time and have many uses...
I always have so much emotion as I stage this kind of object.

Patches on burlap bag Old burlap bags
Stamp on old burlap bags Old label with a surname and a lead seal with a first name

Some details that I like in particular: the square patches and the numbers stamped on the bags.
Around her neck, I tie an old label with a surname and a lead seal with a first name to christen this old bear “Isadore Prosper.”

Old ragged soft toy bear
Original article "Le vieil ours" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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Millas hem said...

So cute and charming!! .)
Nice to visit here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laeriss~

Such a beautiful post! Reminds me of my teddy as a child. Mine was brown, although very flat, because I used him instead of my pillow to rest my little head.

Sweet post~Thank you, Miss Kris

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I've just strolled into your charming blog for the first time. What a well loved teddy. I collected Teddy Bears for my boys when they were young. They spent many joyous hours playing. creating many fond memories with them.
I enjoyed watching them at play.
I look forward to visiting again.

Your photos are beautiful!!

Sweet Wishes,

Annelein said...

Hello Laeriss, I hope you don't mind I answer in English. Although I can read french and understood your message. But my speaking is very primitive. I'm so glad that your blog is also in english. I enjoyed visiting you and will come back so now and then. Your pictures are very good and worth looking at. I've got inspired and think many others will be.

Mercy et au revour,
Willeke de Annelein Design

Helen said...

Oh, so sweet little bear. I think of all hugs and kisses he has recieved through all his life ( I hope!)The photos were lovely!
A Bientôt

Vibeke said...

Beautiful post dear Laeriss :o)

Your friend Vibeke

Sologbolig said...

Merci beaucoup for commenting in my blog. Of course you can link me in your rubrique My Readers. Excusez-moi, je ne parle pas le francais. Je comprends un peu. Your bear was sooo sweet, lovely !A bientôt.

Anonymous said...

Too sweet, such pretty photos as usual.

Anonymous said...

I must add your blog to my favorites, Laeriss!
Such beautiful images and thoughts!


Thank You for commenting in my blog! Of course I will be glad if You link me in Your rubrique My Readers! You have such nice pictures and I am more than happy to visit Your blog!Best wishes, Ingela


Hallo!! I Love your Blogg I link to

chiara said...

Oh just nice and sweet. You brought new life to this little bear
hugs Chiara



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