Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pleasing to the eye...

Shoes Trippen model Jul Bunch of dried flowers on blouse Kookaï

This year, my winter purchases from sales are oriented toward soft, muted spring colors !
Fun to display, these few purchases, and a treat for the eyes before the enjoyment of wearing them.

Old rose blouse Kookaï Small old watering can

Shoes "Trippen" model "Jul", color "natur".
Blouse "Kookaï".

I dedicate this post to Inès and Nathalie.

Original article "Se dorloter les yeux..." translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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Jenny Oak Fae said...

Beatiful images, and I LOVE the colors..!



Cyndee Greene said...

What fun ideas!
You are so creative!

Debra Howard said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! You have my permission to quote me anytime you wish.

Anonymous said...

So soft and beautiful! I love your armoire...such a lovely spring images.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh I love your treasures.. they are just beautiful..and yes, very pleasing to the eye.
hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Tres tres jolie :)

Anonymous said...


Just lovely. I would also go for cream, café latte, clay, chestnut.... Yummie colurs! Bacione, Ingrid

Sologbolig said...

So beautiful ! I love it !!!

Gunhild said...

Absolutely pleasing my eyes too :) Beautiful colours, and I liked the shirt. I have too much grey in my wardrobe- so this spring I need to warm up with some bright and warm, pink and brown. Mother Earth- like :)
Got some inspiration here!


How Lovely!!!


cottage farm villa said...

You sure do have beautiful photos on your blog. Each and every one is just fabulous! What eye candy !! So pretty!


Anonymous said...

Lovely purchases indeed. Muted colors like those are among my favorites.
Your photos are so very pretty and earthy. I wish that I new how to take pictures like that.:)
Take care,


WOW LOVELY!!!!! hugs snowwhite-sussie

chiara said...

your color choice is wonderful..I'd like too but would change all wardrobe, not possible. Your pictures are always pure, refined joy to our eyes, thanks

FEDERICA said...

I love these pictures and your blog! Everything is so lovely! I put your link in my blog, can i also write and share your pictures in my page?

savvycityfarmer said...

my first visit here, I think.
Can I come back for more eye pleasing vignettes....please,please?

let's chat

Anonymous said...

Dear Laeriss, Heart of Provence. Thank you for visiting my weblog. My English isn't very good, my French is even worse. I hope to visit your website in the future, you are a much inspiration to me.
Thank you for a look in your life.

Greatings from Holland.

Mama Monique

Philippe Rissetto said...

Thank you to all of you ;-)
@ Kris and Chiara : The armoire is "my rocaille wardrobe".
@ Federica : Thank you for your post

Anonymous said...

Such lovely colours and of course beautiful photos.

Himlarum said...

Oh, I just fell in love - with your blog and all the wonderful photos!!!
Thank´s a lot for the inspiration and joy!

With love
Ann-Helen in Sweden



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