Saturday, January 24, 2009

Evocation of a garden

Jacinthes emmitouflées dans de la luzerne
Boite en znic avec reproduction d'une vieille carte postale Rose en métal rouillé

Marque page

A sudden need to make a little “chlorophyll” in the house...

Hyacinths ready to bloom, soon issue their delicate fragrance.

Posed here, old rusty ornaments, pottery and an old image of a bird, we evoke the atmosphere of the garden.

Composition avec jacinthes et luzerne séchée
Original article "Evocation du jardin" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

12 commentaires:

Anonymous said...


Inspirational and comforting! There is a life after this winter criscrisis after all. Finances and weather - all grey. Time to look ahead. Thanks for reminding us! Bacione, Ingrid

Sologbolig said...

So lovely pictures! Oh I long for warmer days and flowers in the garden and balcony. Have a nice day !

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What lovely pictures. It's always nice to see just a hint of spring on a cloudy wintery day.. have a super one my friend.. hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

Hi Laeriss~

So Lovely, I am looking forward to warmer days and the light delicate scents that spring brings. May you enjoy the day! ~Miss Kris~

amaryllis said...

Wow.. lovely pictures...
longing to spring now with all the nice flowers and birds and so on

Have a nice day

Muskatt og kardemomme-Kjersti said...

I can only say one thing;I love your blog :o)
So many lovely pictures to see!!!
I also love Provence :o)
My husbond and I have been there on holiday three times.
I love the relaxed people,the food,the olivetrees,the lavender,the big acres whith sunflowers+++
I have just added you to my blog-favourite-list,hope you think that is ok!
I welcome you to wisit my blog ;o)
And I must also tell you that in the flat next to us,there lives a man from Provence :o)
Hug from Kjersti in Bergen,Norway
Hope you can understand my english...

Philippe Rissetto said...

Merci à toutes de vos visites et pour vos commentaires qui me font très plaisir.
@ Kjersti : j'ai bien compris votre anglais et je donne le bonjour à votre voisin originaire de Provence ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that your blog is no longer worth a visit because of your server's pop ups from green card lottery and other advertisements. I can't get rid of them unless I shut my computer off.

Philippe Rissetto said...

Je suis désolée de vos difficultés à visiter mon blog, mais je ne suis pas responsable de ces fenêtres publicitaires intempestives. Il vous faut paramétrer votre bloqueur dans l'onglet "Outils" de votre navigateur Internet Explorer ; "Outils" puis "Avancé" pour Opéra; "Outils", "Options", puis "Contenu" pour Mozilla FireFox.
A bientôt.

I am sorry of your difficulties of visiting my blog, but I am not responsible for these inopportune advertising windows. You should configure your blocker in the tab " Tools" of your browser Internet Explorer ; "Tools" then "Advanced" for Opera; "Tools" , " Options" , then "Content" for Mozilla FireFox
Best wishes.


Thank you for sharing such inspiring and lovely pictures! I love your blog!


Michelle said...

I don't get any pop-ups or anything like that. Your blog is so beautiful...I love visiting it as much as I can!

Adam Hill said...

A Really nice blog, lovely images , it makes me wan t to hop on a plane and visit , straight away
I will visit your blog again, just so i can say "i have been"



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