Monday, April 20, 2009

The doll’s pram

Old doll’s pram
Through the images of our Scandinavian friends, I dreamed of a small pram like this.

When I saw its color, shape, patina and wear…it could not but please me.
Here it is today on the patio, holding a hydrangea and surrounded by some zinc watering cans... very Swedish !

And to think that soon I will be meeting a lovely Swede whose blog I very much adore : Blomsterverkstad.
I share with Minna a common passion for flowers, nature and decoration and I am delighted and enchanted.

This is also the magic of blogs : meeting others, contacts, exchanges that I never imagined when I began this adventure!

Antique doll’s pram, holding a hydrangea
Original article "Le landau de poupée" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

21 commentaires:

Kristen said...

Such a cute idea, who would have ever thought of using a doll pram?

~ Kristen

Sutana said...

Muito lindo....tudo no seu blog é lindo. Sempre te visito e adoro...beijos....Su

Carole said...

Your images always inspire me to think outside the box. It's so amazing evertime I visit.
Thank you,

Torprosen said...

Hallo There! I love your pictures,I think they are wonderful!!Best regards from Sweden/Torprosen

vicki archer said...

Beautiful images - I love your pram, xv.

Anne Marie said...

I haven't ever seen something like that- but Scandanavian for sure!

jade said... have a wonderful blog - like your photos very much!!!
Have a nice day, Jade

Brenda Pruitt said...

Yes, I have met and lunched with two blogging friends. Wonderful fun indeed. I love the pram! So lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your inspiring blog. I love to see your ideas. Keep on blogging!!

Eastbourne UK

Stephanie said...

What an original idea. It really works and looks good with the hydrangeas.

Tarnished Royalty said...

I am truly inspired, without fail, every time I visit your blog. Thank you for sharing your gift!

@__EY__ said...


I have just link your wonderful blog !

Au revoir.

Di Overton said...

I am designing my garden at the moment and looking for unusual things to plant up. Love this pram idea.


Your world is such a delightful treat!! It is wonderful with all this beautiful romantic charm. Wish I could go with Minna, another time I really hope!!

I hope you have days with lots of joy!!
Friendly hug, Aina

Linda said...

Quelle beauté!!! Et quelle endroit!! Un reve pour nous norvégiennes au nord. Et merci pour ta note sur mon blog! Je Vous remercie! Linda

Galleri Hönshuset said...


You have a lovely blog with some beautiful pictures, so inspiring =)

Have a wonderful day.

Pirre from Sweden.

kathy said...

Hi, we have an award for you, you can see it at
The Whimsical Whites Ladies

Sutana said...

Agradeço sua visita em meu blog. Não entendi completamente o que você disse mas se pediu permissão para citar algo referente ao meu blog, está permitido. Sinto-me honrada. Me avisa. Obrigada


I also read 'Blomsterverkstad' and love her lovely flowers. I have also just added 'Au fil de' to my Bloglist - wonderful photographs.

Dagný said...

Thank you for your comment. The pleasure is mine. I love your pictures and wish I could find all those wonderful old things here in Iceland. My dream is to live in France. I just love your culture. The respect you have for the good things in life like food, time, and not to mention the good old things.
best regards, Dagný

Coastal Styling said...

This little pram is so sweet...
xo Roberta



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