Thursday, April 30, 2009

Workshop bins

Old modular workshop lockers

Bought on a cold winter morning, the old modular workshop lockers awaited patiently, in the warm hall of the house, to sit in my greenery workshop !

Old mechanic bins Decoration with old suspended objects

They were still filled with various rusty tools, left inside by their former owner.
Forgotten for some time at the far end of a garage, today they discover a second life... more poetic and more romantic !

Old funnels collection Ring with some branches of Virginia creeper

In the drawers, lay flowers, old wooden pediments.
Then next, some lines written with a feather quill are cut from an old notebook of a schoolboy, to dress up the drawers of these old mechanic bins.

Old bins in my greenery workshop

Original article "Les casiers d'atelier" translated by Annie of The Bunny Bungalow

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...ania z jezior.. said...

Hello Laeriss!
It's a big pleasure be here! I feel like I'm not only the spirit but also the body in the beautiful Provence!I really like Your pictures! Thank you!
The workshop bins is so nice - You gave "him" another live!!

Piitis said...

Ohh..soooo beautiful photos!!! I love it:))
^_^Piitis from Finland

Marge said...

Hello Laeriss!
What a beautiful blog I found!!! So beautiful pictures you have. I enjoy them very much! Oi, I really hope that I can some day to visit In Provence and I will:))
Have a nice weekend for you!:)
Greetings from Finland, Marge

Lina ♥ C´est la vie said...

So lovely photos. Have a great weekend!
Lina in Stockholm, Sweden

mysiga heestrand said...

Many lovely photos.
Ha en skön helg
Kram Marita i Heestrand Sweden said...

Hi, I am here again, because it is allways like hollydays! I link yuo at my blog, I hope it is ok.
Felted regards,

vicki archer said...

This is a beautiful idea with your old workshop locker - it looks wonderful, xv.

Monique said...

What a lovely pictures and what an adorable locker! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Carole said...

What a great must have been thrilled to find it. I sure would have been.
Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Oh! And to think some people throw things like this away!

Anna said...

What a beautiful photo's and a great find!!
thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

I always love your pictures so much. Your style is amazing the work shop lockers are wonderful!

KayC. said...

I love you blog and would like to give you an award because of that! You can pick it up

Celestina in California said...

I've never seen anything so rusty and beautiful!
You are so gifted.

*maren* said...

Hello, there is a little Surprise for you...
please have a look at:

lovely Greetings from maren!

GundaM said...

Hmmmm, love it ;0)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

These rusty old file drawers have been elevated to a new level.....and I love it! Artistically arranged and beautifully photographed....I am inspired and grateful to you for sharing! Have a peaceful evening! Laura

Di Overton said...

Rusty certainly works here.

Torunn said...

What a lovely blog! Beautiful pictures.
I`m glad I found you :-)

Hugs from Norway

hagagården said...

what a lovely blog you have,BEAUTIFUL
Hugs from ninni in sweden

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

What a lovely blog - I think I have heard about you from a few people but shame on me for not having visited sooner.
I will visit the sister blog to practice my French.

FEDERICA said...

These pictures are gorgeus!!! Like always!
Have a great week!

~~~Lydias Gröna Fingrar~~~ said...

What lovely lockers you have bought, I just love rusty things. And the handwritten signs you have place there, beautiful!
I wish you a very nice day,

Karin said...

Hallo Laeriss. I always look forward to your 'finds' and your ability to make it look so at home in its new surroundings. Your new find is beautiful.

Nostalgic hug from South Africa

creeksiderummager said...

What beautiful old rusty drawers and you have them in a wonderful arrangement. I love your blog. It is so beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you.



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